Monitoring of work on train automation: automation testing on the ground, integration of automation in trains, work on platform screen doors.


The project falls within the research, installation and testing stage for the extension of Line 14 of the Paris underground at Mairie de Saint Ouen.


The mission is divided into 3 main points: 

SAET studies / platform screen doors: 

  • Contribute to the studies carried out by the client on SAET
  • Carry out and contribute to the drafting of the SAET work/testing procedures
  • Contribute to the analysis and verification of the SAET design documents
  • Check the consistency and completeness of the specifications and testing plans compared to the functional and operational specifications
  • Check the consistency and completeness of specifications and testing plans, in terms of the testing procedures, compared to the specifications and testing plans
  • Check the consistency and completeness of the specifications and testing plans compared to the technical specifications and the equipment interface specifications
  • Complete feedback sheets
  • Check that the feedback given on action plans are taken into account and the documents are updated by manufacturers 

SAET testing: 

  • Creating and updating the testing monitoring file on receipt of the testing documents from the manufacturers' responsible for the system
  • Carry out the tests specified in the testing procedures with the manufacturers. These tests can be carried out during the day or night depending on the stage of the project
  • Submit a daily report
  • Enter the results of testing in the testing monitoring sheets
  • Monitor open points awaiting correction until their final closing
  • Check the completed documents after testing
  • Inform the contract manager of the progress of the project and the difficulties encountered

Integration of SAET in trains: 

  • Check the integration of equipment in trains
  • Carry out the integration testing specified in the integration procedures
  • List the configurations installed and check that the equipment has been received and the software approved
  • Supply the results of testing and integration statement and send them to authorise train circulation
  • Enter the results of integration in the monitoring files


  • Contribution to studies carried out by the RATP on SAET
  • Contribution to the drafting of SAET works/testing
  • Contribution to the analysis and checking of SAET design documents for Line 14
  • Controlling the consistency and completeness of the test logs and testing procedures